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Message from the DCIS President:

The Day Creek Intermediate PTSO would like to welcome all new and returning students and families back to school!

For those who may not know, the PTSO is an organization of parents, teachers, and student of Day Creek Intermediate. The PTSO’s goal is to foster a nurturing and caring environment that strives for continued parent and community involvement in helping build a better educational environment for our children. We also promote a school community where teachers and administrators can do their best work with the resources we can provide and help make school fun.  Through membership dues and fundraising efforts, the PTSO can donate funds to purchase educational materials and equipment for the school as well as being involved in efforts to help the local community.

For the PTSO to be effective and truly representative of the school, it is essential to have parental involvement from as many parents as possible. Many working parents feel that they cannot be included in the PTSO because they cannot come to every meeting or be on campus during the day. There are endless possibilities in ways you can help. Whatever your own level of flexibility, Day Creek Intermediate PTSO always appreciates their parent volunteers, as do our teachers and staff. Keep in mind that by volunteering, you will get to enjoy interacting with the kids, become friends with other parents, and accomplish things that truly make a difference.

You may be wondering just exactly what do we do and what have we accomplished in the last year? Well, I am proud to tell you that we have done quite a bit to be proud of!  Our most recent achievement was the introduction of our teacher grants.  The grants were used for the purchase of educational materials. Some of the items the PTSO provided for were Amazon Fire Tablets, Team Trax Walkers for our PE department, an Adobe Illustrator Editor for the Journalism team.  The PTSO worked hard in raising monies for the several robotic sets for the science and math departments.  In April, we donated $5,000 towards the purchase of a new color printer for the office.  In addition to monetary donations, our PTSO volunteers provide over 1600 hours of volunteer service to our school during the 2016-2017 school year.  Everything from teacher liaisons to Renaissance Rewards distribution to Halloween Bash volunteers.  Woohoo! Thank everyone for your help!

We also held several “Family Dinner Nights” in our community. We also run the Holiday shop, honor the faculty with a luncheon during Teacher Appreciation Week, just to name a few. And, we always have FUN!

Some of the new goals this year the PTSO will be to have a focus on raising awareness to the students about different causes such as; Breast Cancer Awareness, Anti-Bullying programs and Earth Day just to name a few.  We’ve also decided to begin our annual DCIS PTSO “Creative Minds” program.  This program is a student recognition program designed to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home.  Students of all grades and abilities may participate and explore the arts based on the 2017-2018 theme.  Student will be able to choose from several art mediums such as: Literature, Photography, Visual Arts, Music Composition, Film Production or Dance Choreography.  We will provide further information and sign up form in December.

Whether you have 30 minutes or a couple of hours, your ideas, your time, and your talents are truly needed. We can match your time constraints and interests to needed tasks. We have many ways in which Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents can contribute.  Please consider volunteering, it really does make a difference in the lives of our children!

Membership is $5 per family member and everyone is welcome!  As the year progresses and the committees come together, you will be contacted by phone and/or e-mail from committee chairpersons. Come and see firsthand how the students benefit from so many programs and all our / your hard work. Please come along and join us – this is your PTSO and as a member, you can help us achieve these goals. We need your ideas and your energy.

We need you!

Day Creek Intermediate PTSO 

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